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St.Valentines Ride 2019
47 riders set out on a misty morning on 17th February 2019. Great cakes and refreshments at the finish.
St.Valentines Ride
Mince Pie Ride 2018
44 riders set out on the Mince Pie Run calling in at the Phoenix in Chudleigh, finishing in Kingskerswell.
Mince Pie Ride
Dartmoor Devil 2018
A new organiser for the 26th Devil. Another great day out thanks to the gang of helpers in this years ride.
Dartmoor Devil 2018
Torplex 200Km is now the "Shore to Moor". Photos from the first event.
Devon Delight 2017
225 riders signed up for the 25th Devon Delight
Devon Delight 2017
St.Valentines Ride 2018
27 riders set out on a soggy morning on 18th February 2018. Some fine cakes were provided at the finish.
St.Valentines Ride
Dartmoor Devil 2017
The Twenty Fith Anniversary of this iconic event. A full entry and a lovely autumn day.
Dartmoor Devil
Almost 200 riders signed uo for this year 100Km excursion.
Devon Delight 2017
TAMAR 100 - 2017
A hilly 100Km ride organised by friends at CTC Plymouth.. Tamar 100Km
Dartmoor Ghost 2017
The classic 150Km night Audax over Dartmoor. Dartmoor Ghost
Turf'n'Surf Audaxes 2017
A weekend of fine cycling in Devon on the 100, 300 and 400Km Turf'n'Surf rides, remembering Chris Bennett.
Just over 200 out on a glorious spring day for an Easter running of the Devon Dirt.
Devon Dirt 2017
Torbay in Brittany April 2017
Geoff Sharpe organised a three day trip based in Lannion enjoyed by 20 members. Vive la France
Coast & Quantocks 2017
A big turn out for EWCC's Mad March Audax rides on 19th March 2017. Photos from the 200Km here.
Coast  & Quantocks
St.Valentines Ride 2017
26 riders set out on the St.Valentines Ride.
19th February 2017.
St.Valentines Ride
Mince Pie Ride 2016
31 riders set out on the Mince Pie Run calling in at the Phoenix in Chudleigh, finishing in Newton Abbot.
Mince Pie Ride
Dartmoor Devil 2016
Some very mild weather this year meant for a good entry and high number of finishers.
Dartmoor Devil
CTC Torbay - Jersey Trip 2016.

For the first time CTC Torbay tried a touring trip in Jersey.
Two cycling groups enjoyed a fine weekend on the Isle.

Torbay in Jersey
Almost 200 riders signed uo for this year 100Km excursion.
Devon Delight
The biggest turnout for this one - almost 400 riders starting off.
Devon Delight 2015
Dartmoor Devil 2015
  Dartmoor Devil
170 riders set out on this years event.
Brittany 2015
Another great day out in Devon lanes on the tracks and byways.
Devon Delight 2015
Torbay touring in Brittany 2015
Geoff Sharpe organises another great trip to France. Vive la France
Dartmoor Devil 2014
A record breaking 177 riders completed the ride in time on the 2015 event.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Torbay touring in Normandy. 2014
Foul winter weather prevented the February Brittany trip, so it was off to Normandy in May instead.. Vive la France
Another busy year for the Devon Delight helpers and organisers.
Devon Delight 2015
Dartmoor Devil 2013
Another great event in the Devils history, with a good field enjoying some vigorous autumn weather!
CTC Torbay - Tuesday Pancake Ride 2103 The CTC pancake ride on 13th Feb 2013 made one of the first crossings of the new bridge at Town Quay in Newton Abbot Pancakes
Dartmoor Devil 2012
Twenty Years of the successful Dartmoor Devil event.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Chris Bennet 300Km.
April 2012
Five Torbay CTC riders rode the Chris Bennett 300Km. on a ride devised by Chris before he passed away. Chris Bennett 300
Torbay touring in Brittany. 2012
Geoff Sharpe organised another good weekend from Roscoff with 44 riders on two routes. France again!
2011 Dinner & Prize presentation Kents Cavern was the venue for the 80th Anniversary Dinner, which included a cave tour.
Dirty pictures!
Dartmoor Devil 2011
A record breaking Dartmoor Devil event for 2011. Highest number of starters and finishers.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Torbay touring in Chateaulin. 2011
Geoff Sharpe organised a good weekend from Roscoff to Chateaulin in October - 46 turned out. Vive la France
Devon Delight & Torplex 200 AUDAX events 2011 A low turnout for the Devon Delight this year, but numbers up n the 200Km. Devon Delight
Devon Dirt 2011 A great turn out - 160 riders on a new route. Dirty pictures!
Devon Dirt 2010 Another great day ou on the tracs and lanes of South Devon.
Dirty pictures!
2009 Dinner & Prize presentation 63 attend the Prize presentation Dunchideock, with Adam hart-Davis as the guest.
Dirty pictures!
Dartmoor Devil 2009
167 set out on a glorious Atumn morning. The seventeenth sojourn.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Torbay touring in Normandy. 2009
Geoff Sharpe organised a good weekend in Normandy in October. Vive la France
Freewheeling & Hill Climb 2009 A few more ups and downs with the CTC. Devon Delight
100 miles in 8 hours 2009 A fine day out for the fifteen riders on this years event. Devon Delight
Grunters 150Km Audax 2009. A fine day on Dartmoor and in the South Hams - some vertical challenges. Devon Delight
Devon Delight & Torplex 200 AUDAX events 2009 A good turnout -118 on this years Delight. Devon Delight
Dartmoor Classic Cyclosportive 2009. A few photos of CTC Devon riders in this years event Dirty pictures!
Exmouth Exous 2009 A very soggy night during the dark hours, but a glorious early morning run. Wet night!
Devon Dirt 2009 A great turn out - 160 riders on a new route. Dirty pictures!
50 miles in 4 hours 2009 Possibly the most popular 50 in 4 ever? - some 48 entrants. PHOTOS
Coast & Quantocks AUDAX events Pippa organised these two great rides in 2009. Coast & Quantocks
CTC Torbay Tour of Brittany 2009
Fifty Seven turned out for a trip aboard the new ferry. A bright day in Brittany
CTC Torbay Xmas Lunch 2008. A merry gathering at the Cockhaven manor at Bishopsteignton. Click for Torbay Xmas lunch 2008
2008 Dinner & Prize presentation 50 attend the Prize presentation s at Buckfast, with Zsolt Schuller as the guest.
Dirty pictures!
Dartmoor Devil 2008
Another successful eveny on a grey squidgy day.
152 make it to the finish.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Torbay in Brittany again - Oct. 2008
Geoff Sharpe organised a fine tour of Brittany enhanced by the joys of GPS navigation. Vive la France
CTC 100 miles in 8 hours
Tourist Trial 2008.
Geoff Sharpe organised an excellent route out on the 21st September with twenty five completing the ride. Give us a clue.
Dorset Dirt 2008 Some photos of the Dorset Dirt off-road ride organised by neighbours West Dorset CTC. Give us a clue.
South Hams Audax 2008 South Hams and Grunters photos 2008 Give us a clue.
A tour in Ireland 2008 John Coopers photographs of friends on a scenic
Irish Tour in Summer 2008
On the Emerald Isle
Vernon Deith Memorial
Treasure Hunt 2008
Glorious sunshine in Devon lanes, twenty five riders enjoyed the day out.
Give us a clue.
85 set out on this years event on a new route from Exeter.
Devon Delight
DARTMOOR CLASSIC 2008 The opposite from last year....HOT HOT!...HOT!
Not many official photos so here are a few snaps!
Dirty pictures!
The entry doubled to 150 this year - it was a busy day out on the bikes.
Dirty pictures!
Devon DA, 50 miles Tourist Trial. March 2008 Two more rides - The Bishop and the Edward Burn - another fine day out.
Sun soaked scenery
Torbay in Brittany 2008
The eleventh trip eventually happened two weeks late due the ferry being cancelled at the end of February.
A bright day in Brittany
Dashing to Dunkery '08 A good turnout for the 2008 ride from North Petherton.
Dunkery and back.
Exeter CTC's Christmas Lunch 2007 Exeter CTC went to the Red Lion Inn at Shobrooke for their Christmas festivities. Chritmas festivities
Torbay CTC's Christmas at Cockhaven 2007 The ever popular Xmas luch ride to Cockhaven Manor at Bishopsteignton.
Torbays Xmas ride
ANNUAL DINNER 2007 Edward Genochio returned for another entertaining evening in 2007.
Ed Genochio at 2007 Dinner
Dartmoor Devil 2007
Highest ever number of finishers this year - 155 complete the ride at Kestor Inn.
The Devon CTC Classic event
Torbay in Brittany again! in 2007
Another trip to Brittany - this time staying at the Youth Hostel in Lannion.
A bright day in Brittany
South Hams Audax Rides 2007( + Grunters) Another good turnout this September for some enjoyable riding in the South Hams.
South Hams Audax
Torbay tour in Pembroke '07
Fine weather and scenery in west Wales.
Torbay Tour of Wales Sept 2043
A low turnout this year, but the weather held off and was a better day than many this summer
Devon Delight
140 Miles clocked up on a great ride to Northe Devons rugged coast and back.
South to North and back!
DARTMOOR CLASSIC 2007 CTC riders join in the soggy fun!.....WET WET WET!
Wet! Wet! Wet!
More like the Devon Dust - 73 riders entered this years event.
Dirty pictures!
Devon DA, 50 miles Tourist Trial. April 2007 Two rides - the Three Rivers and the Grimspound experience - a fine day out.
Sun soaked scenery
Geoff Sharpe hits 65 and retires. A few shots of the "surprise" retirement party thrown for Geoff at Denbury.
Geoff Sharpe hits 65
Torbay in Brittany 2007
The TENTH sojourn to Brittany. A rough crossing before a day of Spring!
A bright day in Brittany
Dashing to Dunkery '07 A blustery but fine day out to Dunkery with Bridgwater Cycling Club
Downhill all the way - almost
Seventy are joined by Ed.Genochio from Exeter for a memorable evening.
Ed genochio at our 75th Dinner
Dartmoor Devil 2006
A large entry again and plenty of finishers on a warm day with a murky start..... NO VIDEO FILES - battery was flat!!!
The Devon CTC Classic event
DORSET DIRT 2006 Eighty riders including Devon DA, set out for a 50Km of off-road run in rustic Dorset.....

Audax 2006

Riders struggle over the heights of Dartmoor and the twisting South Hams lanes.
South Hams  & Grunters
South Hams Audax Rides 2006 A good turnout on a hot day in September in the South Hams.
Downhill all the way - almost
DA Treasure Hunt 2006
Pictures of another sunny day out from Broadclyst - hunting for clues.
Give us a clue.
13th sojourn
Here we go again, the popular 100Km South Devon Audax - 75 endure the heat!
Dirty pictures!
TORBAY CTC's COAST TO COAST 2006 Six ride to Instow and back for the annual Coast to Coast ride.
Dirty pictures!
FAMILY RIDE TO BROADHEMPSTON Twenty two riders out on a glorious Spring day around the Devon lanes..
Dirty pictures!
DEVON DA 75th ANNIVERSARY The great meet - 120 riders assemble for a natter, & cream tea - 75 years on!
Dirty pictures!
HALDON FOREST PARK OPENS 2006 CTC were there in numbers to mark the opening of Haldon Forest Park - FAMILY RIDE
Dirty pictures!
Off-road ride.
The second DEVON DIRT off road ride 44 enjoy a longer drier ride this year.!
Dirty pictures!
Devon DA, 50 miles Tourist Trial. April 2006 The season gets under way with a stiff 50 mile event, on a breezy morning.
Shiverry Pictures
Torbay in Brittany 2006
We missed the snow this year, and had a breeze around Northern Finistere.
Shiverry Pictures
Dashing to Dunkery A few pictures from the day out riding to Dunkery Beacon with Bridgwater CC.
Downhill all the way - almost
Derek & Ursula's Wedding. Torbay CTC members had their Wedding bash on 27th January. Pictures here.
Downhill all the way - almost
Torbay CTC's Christmas Lunch 2005 54 riders, most of them rode to the Cockhaven Manor at Bishopsteignton
Downhill all the way - almost
Devon DA Dinner and Dance 2005 70 turned out for the Annual Dinner & Dance at Chudleigh near Newton Abbot.
Downhill all the way - almost
Dartmoor Devil 2005
A massive entry and plenty of finishers on a day with a murky start.....+VIDEO FILES!
Downhill all the way - almost
Freewheeling and Hill Climb 2005 South Hams CTC hosted this years "DOWN & UP" Competition..
Downhill all the way - almost
Torbay visit Cherbourg 2005
Torbay CTC's trip to Cotentin: St.Mere Eglise, Valognes, Utah & Barfleur
Torbays Century Riders ride again. 100 in 8 10 souls copleted this years rolling circuit via Moreton, Crediton and Dunkeswell.
South Hams Audax Rides
A low turnout for this event, but good day out in the South Hams.
Downhill all the way - almost
Family Riders day out at Burrator and Cadover At last the sun shone brightly for a ride to Cadover ans swimming in the river.
Downhill all the way - almost
DA Treasure Hunt 2005
A few shots from this years sunny day out near Exeter - over 50 took part!
Dirty pictures!
12th sojourn
This years Devon Delight, with almost eighty riders setting out from Newton Abbot
Dirty pictures!
TORPLEX 200Km 2005 Seventeen intrepid riders complete the challenging 200Km across Dartmoor.
Dirty pictures!
150 miles in 12 Hours
May 2005
Five complete the 150 mile challenge on a windy day in May.
Dirty pictures!
New off-road ride.
The first DEVON DIRT 55Km off road ride, 28 finish on a grey damp day - plenty of mud!
Dirty pictures!
Devon DA, 50 miles Tourist Trial. April 2005 A hilly fifty miles in 4 or 5 hours on a glorious Spring day.
Nifty Fifty
Highs and Looes, & Kit Hill Grimpeur West Devon's busy weekend of rides. A great weekend in March 2005
Cornish Lumps
Deja Vu - Torbay CTC dans la neige!
Snow and Icy roads in sunny Brittany - February 2005 - updated.
Shiverry Pictures
Annual DA Dinner & Dance 2005(4) A poor attendance for this years Dinner but a good night out thanks to Mike Bowden.
Tucking In!
Dartmoor Devil 2004
The Devils Dozen, - 140 finish on a quiet grey Autumn Day. Here are the web pages:
The classic
Dartmoor Devil 2004
Another link- to the On-Line slide show for the Dartmoor Devil on
On Line Slideshow
Freewheeling Competition 2004 A filthy forecast put off most people from getting there, but in the end a dry but windy competition.
Downhill all the way - almost
100 miles in 8 2004.
NEW Honiton route.
The annual Autumn 100 mile bash inside 8 hours. Moreton, Crediton, Honiton, Home.
Family ride - Exmouth Torbays family ride - ignores apalling forecast and enjoy a sunny day including beach at Budleigh Salterton. Update soon
Torbay Welsh Tour 2004
Another jaunt around the beautiful Welsh countryside.
Torbay Tour of Wales Sept 2043
Treasure Hunt 2004
from Plympton.
Update soon
Etape Du Tour 2004.
St.Flour - Auvergne.
It's not Cycle Touring - but click on the camera to get a flavour of this frantic event from Brodies flying camera!
Tour De France - public event
April Flowers Audax - North Devon 2004 Enjoying spring sunshine in the North Devon lanes.
Shiverry Pictures
Tavistock Cycling Weekend 2004 A weekend of Cycling both long distance and shorter events from West Devon Update soon
They're off again!
Torbay in France
Some precipitation of the White Stuff, and Entente Cordial in Brittany - February 2004
Torbay Family Cycle ride to Dartington Torbay CTC Family Cycle ride to Dartington and Totnes.
60 enjoy the 2003 DA Dinner in Plymouth The Mountbatten Centre in Plymouth was the venue for this years DA Dinner/Dance.
Dartmoor Devil 2003
Eleven years of the Devil. Hoards enjoy autumn sunshine!
Torbay land in Normandy 2003
Torbay CTC's trip to Normandy beaches, Cherbourg, Barfleur, Val de Saire, Utah beach. October 2003.
FREEWHEELING again in North Devon 2003 CTC's Director turns up to rock the boat, and scupper the opposition!
DEVON 100 in 8 - 2003 Happy smiles on the annual 100 miles in 8 hours run.
Devon DA riders go well on PBP'03. A summary of the ride and a few pictures.
DORSET DIRT 2003 70Km of off-road fun and frolics. This year part of the Hardy Rides week..
Torbay Welsh Tour 2003
A few days in South Wales with Torbay CTC.
( Chepstow/ Gospel Pass/ Brecons.)
Click for sunny pictures
Hardy Rides 2003 CTC's 125th Birthday Rides in nearby Dorset - 22 pages of pics!
Over 20 DA members took part - pix here.
Cotswold Corker 2003 DA riders enjoy "Cotswold Corker" Audax event again with some fine weather..
Dartmoor Devil 2002
Pictures of the 10th Dartmoor Devil. 77 finished on a blustery Autumn day.
Bristol CTC's
A superb route in fine weather around North Somerset and up Cheddar Gorge.
West Dorset CTC's DORSET DIRT 2002. 50Km off road ride in the heart of rural Dorset.
September 8th 2002
CTC Tamar 100Km reliability ride 2002 Devon DA's 100Km reliability run from Plymouth in August 2002.
Saints and Tinners 300Km. (2002) A very pretty but challenging 300Km (200mile!) Kernow ride. ( Bodmin - Lands End)
Devon Delight 100KM
& Torplex 200Km.
Pictures of the 2002 Devon Delight 100KM
& Torplex 200Km, + links to previous years.
Torbay Family Cycle ride to Lydford. Another Torbay CTC Family Cycle ride this time along the Granite Way to Lydford.
Torbay Family Cycle ride to Bellever + more! Torbays family run to Bellever. Off road with heavy rain, but everyone appeared to enjoy it.
Torbay Family Cycle ride to Lustleigh. Torbays first family cycle ride went from Newton Abbot to Lustleigh and back, mainly in the dry.
Cotswold Corker 2002 DA riders in the popular "Cotswold Corker" Audax event from Bishops Cleeve in February.
Torbay Tour Of Brittany 2002 High winds meant a bumpy crossing, but still a good weekend in 2002
2001 DA Dinner John Grimshaw, chief Engineer and dirctor odf Sustrans is this years special guest.
Freewheeling Competition 2001 All downhill in the Devon CTC's freewheeling competition.
Tavistock Cycling Weekend 2001 Photos of this fun weekend in Summer 2001, with links to the 2002 event.
Lot's of pages of photos of riders on the Dartmoor Devil Audax - 10 years in 2002!
Transmanche 200Km Pictures of the Wessex SR Reunion ride - the "Transmanche" PROFs in Oct 2001.
VIEW 2000 Link page to the year 2000 photos of events.
Hidden Brittany An account of the 2001 PROFS in Brittany form Annemarie Manley
Granite & Serpentine Way UPDATED Pictures of this 150Km ride organised by Audax Kernow in 2001 plus 2002 version
Coffee Pots Pictures of the ever popular Coffee Pot rides which take place every Thursday. Coffee Pots
1999 DA Dinner 1999 - The Dinner in Torquay - Phil & Pat Liggett were our guests and enjoyed a ride out on the Sunday
Dartmoor Jailbreak 1989 Every year loads of people break out for charity. CTC still hold records - here are pix of 1989 run.
Devon DA's History. Looking back all the way to the 1930's, the history of Devon DA CTC.
The Devon CTC Classic event



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