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From here there may be no return.
What awaits you is over 100Km of testing terrain, with well over 2000 metres of climbing, and descents along twisty lanes, probably coated with debris from autumnal storms. Make sure you prepare well for this classic event, hailed as
one of the top ten
AUDAX rides in the UK.
Entry limited to 200 riders, with two phased starts at 8am and 9pm, with a bowl of soup half way around and finishing back at The Cromwell in Bovey Tracey.




After last year’s cancellation, it was so good to have the Devil running again and to see all (or at least most!) of the riders having fun (although maybe in a type 2 sort of way!). The Devil is always a hard ride but, as well as the unrelenting route, this year's particular challenge was the headwind on the stretch from Jurston Cross to Princetown which punished all riders and claimed a few. It could have been so much worse though, with the forecast in the days leading up to the event being pretty poor and with torrential rain in the hours before the first start. As it was, the riders started in the dry with chinks of blue sky starting to show and most riders just catching the odd brief shower or hail battering during the day. Me? I stayed perfectly dry in the pub. With all the recent wind and rain, the lanes often resembled small rivers and had done their best to look thoroughly autumnal.
The River Dart put on a good show of force at Spitchwick shortly before the rather lovely but quite relentless climb past Lowertown. For those that made it this far, the final climb up to Bonehill Rocks seemed to be preferred over Widecombe Hill by around half the riders. But I suspect that all riders would be quite happy without either! The number of entrants was down on previous years at 148, which in the circumstances seems understandable. Of these, we had 94 starters, which is an historically high proportion of non-starters.
Of the 94 starters, 72 finished the event in time. Unusually, there were no riders completing their 6th, 12th or 18th Devil this year. For Graham Brodie though, this was his 25th. Chapeau Graham.
Many thanks to the venues that hosted controls: The Cromwell Arms in Bovey for the start and finish, the Globe Inn in Chagford for the excellent soup and the Fox Tor Café in Princetown for welcome refreshments post the into-the-wind slog. And many thanks to all of the helpers for making it happen and to all of the riders for putting themselves through it.

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