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You nee dto be batty to ride this event!

CTC - organisers of the DARTMOOR DEVIL














Dartmoor Devil ‘DEVILS HELPERS’:        

The Dartmoor Devil is a busy event and needs around 25 people on the day to
try and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Derek Gibbings.
They went that way.
CTC winged wheel.

rNo year is complete without the Pumpkin
modified in some way or another.

Linda Johnston & Andy Endicott at River Dart Park.

Chris Bennett at Bovey Tracey HQ in 2004.


Linda again at Kestor.

Roy Gable, Rob Swayne and Joyce Sharpe
controllers at the Globe Inn, Chagford, 2005.

Pete Luxtons van is always a welcome sight,
- John Fargrieves passing the cards. ( 2003 )
And here it is again in 2001nera the Hennock Reservoirs
with Jean Brierly helping out.
Phil Burrows - a regular helper - now in France,
- here at the start in 2002
.. and Richard and Grace Dovell from South Brent doing the Drewsteighton control in 2002.
Don Malpas from Bovey Tracey - another regular assistant, signs in Dave Vernon in 2001
Carol Wilcox and Joyce Sharpe, checking in Ian Hennessey and Dave Lewis at Dart Country Park 2001

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