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You nee dto be batty to ride this event!

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Dartmoor Devil ‘DEVILS HELPERS’:   

A broken foot may stop you riding, but Kevan Fleckney
still helped out - Manaton 2001.
Rob Swayne amd Chris Bennett run
the control near Cold East Cross in 2003
Signing on team 2001 - Joyce & Geoff Sharpe,
Chris Vernon, Nikki Quant, Don Mapas.
Soup is served at the
Country Park 2004.
Roger Turner & Mike Steer ( Plymouth) at
Foxtor Cafe - Princetowen 2001

Pete Luxton van - control
near Grimspound 2001.

Mr & Mrs. Presland - at start 2006
Julie Morris at the finish - Kestor Inn 2005..

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