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You nee dto be batty to ride this event!

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Dartmoor Devil ‘FANCY DEVILS’:        

The Dartmoor Devil has a bit of a carnival atmosphere, and it's not unknown for riders to
complete it in fancy dress, or at least complete with a halloween hat or pumpkin!
The helpers at the controls have also been known to put on a bit of a show!

Ian ( Blaster!) Glendinnings memorable "Angel" fit out in 1997

Rob Spence is the Grim Reaper in 1993.(with Mike Wareham)

rNo year is complete without a Pumpkin modified in some way or another.

David Johnton - rattled around in 2001

Graham Brodie with Pumpkin & Trident - 1999

Linda Johnston

Organiser Kevin Presland with flying pumkin in 2004

Jason "Horny" Hinton in 2006

Another "horned" Devil in 2006

Bovey Bikers man the control at Drewsteignton.

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