DARTMOOR DEVIL - Broken! (but not beaten!)

Multitools can
save the day!
You don't have to be exhausted to fail to get around the Devil.
In October Devon's lanes are strewn with debris, helped in no way
by local farmers and contractors. Punctures and broken chains are
common on this ride, and you'll need luck on your side as well as
preparation and fitness.
You need to be self sufficient and be able
to carry out puncture and basic roadside repairs.

NEVER travel
without this!!

Chain jam on Lime Street - 2007

Bob Arnauld fixes a puncture - 2007

Amtyre1.jpg (22044 bytes)

Annemarie fixing Bills tyre!...before the start! 1999.



Split tyre near Heatree Cross 2006
( Thanks Bernard for the spare tyre!)

Bernard? - punctured near Heltor Rock 2006   Drew Buck fixes broken mudguard fitting at Heltor -2006
Punctured near Drewsteignton 2006   Drew's weight saving back tyre gives way at Jurston -2006
Tyre change & gravel rash - Post Inn 2006    

DaAave Lewis helping Andy Hamlyn pull out a thorn 2002.
Anne fits a new tube only to pucture again. 2002

Dartmoor Devil thumbstrip - horizontal