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The Early Years.

Torbay Section of the Cyclists Touring Club was founded in 1948. The DA was going well with a strong section in Exeter, and it was in 1948 that members living in the Torbay locality who often joined up with the active Exeter groups decided to form their own group.

The following appeared in the CTC Gazette in April 1948.

"Devon D.A. announce the formation of a Torbay Section, and members are invited to support the runs and to contact the secretary Mr.F.Boyes, 5,Hilton Drive, Preston, Paignton."

The section became very strong in the fifties and sixties.  During the seventies membership dropped, but a core of members continued regular rides.  An influx of  younger members in the Eightees was a boost for the section, and many of these riders still remain regular supporters of the section. Over the last six years, membership has again rallied, and there are now two groups "A" and "B" who cover a wide range of rides and activities.

The following pictures and words give a brief history of the Torbay CTC:

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Frank Boyes - a Founder member who rode with the section for most of his life, and a great character.

Frank passed away  in 1999.



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Torbay CTC at Bigbury Youth Hostel 1955

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At Bowermans Nose - 1955

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The Section at 10 Commandments - Buckland Beacon in 1956


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Frank showing Christian Palmer Map reading skills.Christian died recently, at the age of only 58.In recent years he was well known as a keen rambler.


Cycling and Snowballing! 13/2/1955

The cold wintry weather was no deterrent to members of Torvbay Section, Cyclists' Touring Club, who visited the Moor on their weekly ride.

Their route was via Newton Abbot and Bovey Tracey to Becky Falls, where a picnic lunch was eaten amid snowy surroundings but in brilliant sunshine.

The party then proceeded to Manaton, finding it necessary to walk for some distance due to the icy condition of the road, and then to Bowermans Nose.  The members climbed to the top of the rocks, and a snowball fight ensued before they again took to the road, visiting Jays Grave on the way to Hemsworthy gate and Haytor.

After more climbing and snowballing the riders proceeded to Bickington, paying a brief visit to the church before tea. The homeward journey was via Highweek and Newton Abbot.

**  Reproduced from local press cutting. **
** See photograph above**


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