A Very Wet Sunday Run!

Some people never know when to stay at home in the dry! - Sunday ride 17th October 1999.

Wetflek1.jpg (31673 bytes) 1arrow4.gif (305 bytes)Kevan Fleckney sets sail.

Stops to pack a few fish!1arrow5.gif (304 bytes)

Fleck2.jpg (26521 bytes)
Maybenot.jpg (20509 bytes) 1arrow4.gif (305 bytes)Kevan & Rod have second thoughts!


Dark,Damp and Deep!
(and what a cool effect!
see the Dartmoor Devil
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Gbrodtun.jpg (40959 bytes) Rod & Graham traversing the flooded tunnel near Stoneycombe.

1arrow4.gif (305 bytes)      1arrow5.gif (304 bytes)

Rodwater.jpg (42651 bytes)