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greatbrc.gif (4071 bytes)     SUCCESS FOR DEVON RIDERS ON P-B-P!    francec.gif (3544 bytes)


They all Made it -

David and Linda Johnston from Tavistock. (Riding Tandem - Linda is 4' 10.5"!)

Mike Hunting from Tavistock.

                     Ian Hennessy from Honiton. (AUK's Secretary) riding Fixed Wheel!!

( Ian covered a staggering 1850 kms on his fixed wheel riding to and on the event!)

Ian Kendall, Ian Weatherill and Graham Reed from Plymouth.

Richard (lot's of points!) Harding from Ottery St. Mary. (entered the 84hr - oops!)

Andy (He runs a bike shop you know) Lander Stow from Ivybridge.

Pics. of the stalwarts (not on PBP - mostly scoffing!)

Ian&mike1.jpg (29165 bytes)

Mike Hunting & Ian Weatherill

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David & Linda Johnston

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Richard Harding & Ian Kendall


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Ian Henessy (AUK Sec.)

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Andy Lander Stow.

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Graham Reed

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FOR MORE PIC's and WRITE UP's for 1999 Click   francec.gif (3544 bytes) HEREfrancec.gif (3544 bytes)

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Here's a mugshot of a Southwest sweaty gang of finishers in 1995.

Pictured: John Thacker (Exeter). Glyn Davies(Bath). Jim Roberson#(Bristol). Mike Steer (Exeter)

Graham Brodie (Newton Abbot) Annemarie Manley#(Bournemouth - completed this year too!)

Bill Best(Torrington)