There are problems in Newton Abbot, and all over the UK it seems with the installation of "incorrect" tactile paving.

Common Sense and Logic would dictate that you would run a grooved textured surface at 90 degrees to a cycle lane and not parallel, but most cycle lanes have parallel "tactile" strips to help visually impaired people identify the lane.

Alas some of these strips have a profile which will cause a bicyle wheel to easily skid, especially when wet

The situation in Newton is made even worse as the tactile pavent is just at the start of a curve, and also a braking point for a give way, - as the adjacent photo shows, a left hand skid on this would be straight into the path of oncoming traffic.

From email communications it appear that this problem exists all over the country, and strong pressure will be required to get all these dengerous cycleways remediated.

BELOW: Four examples of "incorrect" type of ribbed tactile paving.

BELOW: Two examples of "correct" type of ribbed tactile paving.