We believe the CTC provides you with a great variety of Cycling in the region.  There are also many other Cycling Clubs and organisations in the area, and nationally, some of which overlap CTC activities, and some dedicated to Racing or Mountain Biking.

Here are some links to some of the organisations:(click on the logos to find their WebPages.)

Yhalogo.jpg (3108 bytes) Youth Hostels Association.

We often use YHA accomodation. Most Hostels are welcoming towards cyclists, and give options of meals or self catering. Many of the 230 UK Hostels are in fine locations, and often in some very interesting buildings! 

Dartmoor National Park Authority
The Local authority charged with looking after Dartmoor.
Rough Stuff Fellowship.
The club for Cyclists who love wilderness, tracks and byways.
Members all over UK and elsewhere in the world. Regular publications.
Local groups, and meets.

BBC Devon Online.

The BBC's Website for Devon with News, Weather Sport, and sections on Outdoors including their Cycling Section.

oslogo.gif (1826 bytes) Ordnance Survey.

Getting lost is a lot easier without an O.S. map, but the Web Site has far more than just maps!  OS produce cycling books, and a great "get-a-map" service on the web.

Mid Devon Cycling Club: (founded 1930)

Based around Newton Abbot & Torbay with around 130 members.Organisers of South West BAR, and a Calendar of Time Trials and Road Races throughout the year.

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists.
Club for people who like to race - bu you need to be over 40 to qualify for membership.
auklogo.gif (14720 bytes) Audax United Kingdom.

Long Distance Cycling in the UK.  Website packed with information about long distance events, full event and individual results, you can even print off your own certifcate on line after riding an event!

Drinkers with a cycling problem.

Check out this merry gang of Hashers who now cycle as "bashers" in between the odd hostelry.

Web pages for Audax rides in Cornwall, - pictures and links to other related pages plus event details and contacts.
wwheel.gif (4351 bytes) Wessex CTC.

Website for our neighbours in Wessex, whose events we often travel to to participate in.   Home of legendary rides like the Dorset Coast and The Gridiron.

newctc.jpg (40198 bytes) Bristol CTC.

Another of our neighbours, the Bristol DA starts at the Bridgwater area, and covers right up past Cheltenham. They have several sections and again there is much cross-participation in events.

The Tandem Club
Website for the tandem Club in Great Britain.


sustrans.gif (320 bytes) Sustrans

National Cycling Charity involved in setting up the new National Cycle Network - over 8000miles (1000 less than Devon!).  Safe Routes to school etc.... lot's of stuff!

okcchead1.gif (18445 bytes) Okehampton Cycle Club.

Based in Okehampton a recently formed club going well. Good Web Site - well worth a visit!


The All Cyclists Cooperative for Off Road Cycling on Dartmoor. Find out why cycling on parts of the Moor is now illegal, and what's being done to further protect our interests.  


Green Events.

South Devon

Green Events (South Devon)

Loads of events including some of our rides are listed, plus loads of other ethically sound things to do!

damian.bmp (22918 bytes) Photo88.

Not a lot to do with Cycling, but some excellent photography, and particularly atmospheric shots of Dartmoor.  Damian is an excellent photographer - well worth a browse!

Cyclist1.gif (1672 bytes) Devon County Council & National Cycle Network:

New site with lots of information and maps on WestCountry Cycle Routes.

FFCT - the French equivalent of the CTC, with lot's of information about cyling in France.
Information on services in the Mid Devon area, run by voluntary organisations and agencies.

Devon Orienteering Club.

No bikes involved, but they organsie a lot of events in the area, levels vary from fun to serious. Good practice for map reading and navigating!

Cycle safe.

A CTC initiative for sfer cycling in the UK.


A one stop information site for cycling in the UK

Up to the minute news and information about cycling. Products and reviews.
Useful website with information, cyling news, product guides and links.
Young Transport Network website