The complete Exeter to Plymouth Cycle Route is an ongoing hope, but the construction of the A38T destroyed much of the old road, so the alternative route is bitty.

It's always been a difficult task to exit the old A38 Lyneham to cross over and head on down to Plympton.

Cyclists are concerned that modifications to this junction to assist the egress and access of motor traffic to and from the A38T, have now made this task even more difficult.


Note the signposts for the cycleroute to Ivybridge from here, but the junction now has a No Right Turn.
Presumabably riders would now have to continue on to the very busy and difficult to negotiate Langage roundabout and return.
The new maunouvre would probably be about 50 times more dnagerous than trying to perform the right turn!

So not only is it now very difficult to exit from the old A38, it's also highly dangerous trying to get onto it!

There are lights going in on the main junction, - it's possible that these may aid cyclists crossing, but the phasing of these lights is unknown, - it's not clear if cycling bodies have even been properly consulted about this traffic scheme.


This "filter lane" is really a bay to keep the traffic flowing towards Brixton, whilst cars tuen L onto the A38, there is still a give way at the end of tha bay, so traffic can still back up onto the Brixton Road if cars are turning right into the slip road..

The signage is also wrong, - it appears to indicate the existence of two lanes, wheras the new left hand lane is really a fork off of the existing road, and not a designated parallel lane as shown. :-(

A CTC member had a near miss on this new exit road recently.

The whole zone around this junction is now so cluttered with traffic coming in all directions, the chances of the average driver spotting a cyclist amongst the chaos os probably quite slim.
How to cross over the junction!

Then probably turn around, consult the map and find a better route.