North Devon's wackiest bird has returned to the skies to terrorise local cyclists.
Now in it's fourth year of attacks, - this year at the same time at the end of May with a new victim.

UPDATE: 27th May 2006
The Buzzard homes in on Paul Dixon from North Devon CTC in 2004.
Prior to this picture Paul had two gashes to his head from the birds attack. On this round he wore a helmet, and the bird punched holes in the back with it's talons!

Flying felon comes in for a second attack!

Picture from the APEX
photo agency.

Beauty of nature or common pest?
The story of this Buzzard continues. In 2004 there were dozens of strikes on cyclists. Events and races were diverted from the area. A van driver reported a Buzzard being killed when it divebombed his van, but shortly after the attacks began again. It's believed that this could be the original birds mate, or that it was the mate the died when it hit the van!

Ian Weatherill from Plymouth took advice from experts, and drew eyes on his cap in the hope that this would frighten the bird. It failed, the bird ripped the hat from his head. Several other riders also had headgear ripped off, some never to be seen again!.
Ian Weatherill with hand crafted anti-Buzzard hat!
Ian Weatherill with failed anti-Buzzard hat!
Linda Johnston from Tavistock was struck on the back of the head by this bird in 2005.
She suffered from an aching neck for some time afterwards, similar to a whiplash injury.

Attacks continue to this day.
At the end of May 2007 Euan Mahy from Cornwall was attacked and suffered lacerations to the top of his head similar to those of other victims.

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If you experience an arial attack from a bird of prey please let us know.

RSPB advice has been for cyclists to avoid the area, but quite how this message can be conveyed to all passing riders is not clear.

Euan Mahy riding through Dunsford in 2006