Devil.gif (12031 bytes) The 1999 Dartmoor Devil!

100Km Super Grimpeur Audax. 2 AAA points.


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trch_md_blk.gif (5511 bytes) So where was he?  We specifically ordered hail, lighting and all the trimmings and ended up with a beautiful Autumn day!  By the Thursday prior to the event we had over 170 entered and were turning people away.  On the day a record 160 people set out from Bovey. The lanes weren't too bad but plenty of punctures were there to be had (I found three!)    Soup Control at Drewsteignton was excellent, as was the climb to Jurston. Bit of a breeze along the top, but not a patch on 1996! At Princetown we even had a spot of rain but only a few spots - never mind!  Food here was good with quick service.  Back to the finish with strong tailwind.  The views afforded across South Devon along the extra 4Km to Manaton made it well worth it.      132 tired finishers - and I met several ridng their first ever Audax event. What a way to start!!  Congratulations to everyone involved, 10/10 to the organiser Kevin Presland, and his band of helpers. Only one casualty, - a chap hit the back of a car near Sandy Park but he's OK.

Here's to 2000!          Graham Brodie.

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What - never seen a girlie fixing a tyre bfore? Annemarie fixing Bills tyre!

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Mike Parker - Plymouth Corinthians.

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No Comment!

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Getting Ready

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Duncan Archard - Ian Hennessy..

Boblegg.jpg (30848 bytes)

Bob Legg

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Geoff Sharpe.

Martin.jpg (47108 bytes)

Martin Garside.

Petehead.jpg (47002 bytes)

Peter Head (MDCC)

Ncrisp.jpg (45445 bytes)

Neil Crispin..

Rodpash.jpg (31340 bytes)

Rod Pash.(expecting rain?)

Richwis.jpg (28646 bytes)

Bicycle Repair Men!

<<<<<Richard Wiseman (Richards Bikes)


       John Spurr   (Hot Pursuits.)>>>>>

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Andybil.jpg (26674 bytes)

Andy Seviour. Bill Carnaby.

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Into the Lanes.

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Mike Hunting leading a group.

Contrla1.jpg (21874 bytes)

Secret Control - Blackforest Lodge.


Contrlb1.jpg (20028 bytes)

Secret Control. Pete Luxton. Kennick Reservoirs.